Thursday, February 16, 2017

13. Having a Ball

“Get your ass out here, woman!”  Tony sat in the chair closest to the hotel room window with his feet propped up.  He’d been dressed in jeans and a white button-down shirt for fifteen minutes now, waiting for Lilah to emerge from behind the closed bathroom door. 

He had, however, made good use of his time. 

Both of Lilah’s toy purchases had been removed from their packaging, and he had put the vibrator through its paces just to see what it could do.  The long and the short of it was that the damn thing could make him obsolete. 

The “dick” head rotated in either direction, no doubt with the intention of rubbing a woman’s g-spot in just the right way, and the smaller protrusion that was intended to stimulate the clit.  That damn thing did everything but the hokey pokey.  It had three vibration intensities, six random patterns.  There was the constant on vibration, but the other five reminded him of Morse code with the long and short buzzes. 

She wasn’t going to be using that this week.  Or ever.  If she'd already been happily employing a couch cushion as his replacement, this thing would permanently put him out of a job and he'd recently been reminded just how rewarding that job could be. 

Maybe he'd pass it along to one of his sisters-in-law.  

With an evil grin in place, he sat there and juggled the duo-tone balls in one hand, waiting for Bluegrass to appear.  These, he would let her use.  He would even help to make sure they were placed correctly, because he was just that nice a guy.

 And his plans for them this evening would allow her to experience the fullest benefits of her new purchase.

You’re a wicked pervert.

No denying that, but he was going to have a fun night.  Guaranteed.

“Okay, I’m ready.”

His wife appeared in the bedroom and came to stand before him, allowing Tony the opportunity to appreciate the time she’d spent hidden away in the bathroom.

Her hair and makeup looked just a nice as it had the night before, but tonight she wore a dress in place of jeans.  Cut in a deep vee, the random orange, yellow and brown pattern perfectly hugged her breasts before flowing almost to her ankles.  In deference to the expected temperatures, she had topped the sleeveless frock with a little orange sweater.  Sparkly sandals with shiny red toenails finished up the ensemble.

“New dress?” he inquired, standing to kiss her. 


Totally justifiable purchase in Tony’s mind.  “It looks great on you.  Now hike it up.”

The look of bewilderment on her face was priceless.  “Huh?”

Holding on to the end of the black nylon rescue cord, he dangled the duo-tone balls in front of her.  “You said you were gonna try this out this evening.  I’m going to help.”

“I, uh…  Oh.”

Tony smiled and swooped in for another kiss.  “You’re cute when you get all bashful like I’ve never had my hands on your pussy.”

She ignored him and held out her hand for the balls.  “I can do it myself.”

“Oh, no, no,” he rebuffed her, snatching the toy out of reach.  “You get all the fun these things have to offer.  Least you can let me do is put ‘em in.”

She didn’t like the idea.  Not even a little bit.  It was written all over every tight muscle in her body, and his wife needed to loosen up. 

“Baby,” he soothed, purposely selecting that particular term of affection.  A step closer and he cupped his empty hand over her shoulder and slid it all the way down to twist their fingers together.  “We’ve been married almost five years and together longer than that.  What’s the deal with the embarrassment?”

“I don’t know,” she huffed softly.  “It just feels funny you helpin’ me to do somethin’ to pleasure myself.”

“Pretty sure I’m going to be reaping the benefits of that pleasure later,” was his confident reply, hand releasing hers and sliding further down to grasp the back of her thigh.  With an easy tug, he instructed, “Shut up, put your foot on the chair, hike your skirt and relax.  You’re gonna like this.”

Jesus, he hoped she did.  His quirky wife could easily be in the .000001% of the population who didn’t like having her box tickled.

“Alright,” she conceded with a sigh.  “Please don’t tease and make fun of me, though.”

“My primary objective is to cop a feel,” he assured her, fingertips pushing her panties to the side and encountering bare, silken skin.  “Did I mention how much I like the bald is beautiful movement down here?”

Lilah snorted quietly.  “Another thing to not get used to, because that hurt like a beast.”

Tony silently gave her kudos.  He sure as hell wouldn’t let anybody near his pubic hair with hot wax and an intention to rip it out.

“I’ll enjoy it while it lasts, then,” he agreed, positioning the first golf ball-sized orb at her entrance.  An easy push had it buried, and he used the full length of his finger to seat it and its mate deep inside her. After making sure she recognized the feel of the thin cord that would extract them, he helped her stand on both feet again.  “Walk across the room.  Tell me how it feels.”

Her face was the epitome of concentration as she took a few hesitant steps, but then the absorption melted away.  Lilah looked up at him with a funny little grin.  “It’s neat.  Not intense, just… there.”

Tony’s eyebrows wiggled suggestively.  “Feelin’ filthy yet, Freda?”

The grin grew wider.  “Not filthy at all.  More like… deliciously dirty.”

Forget the casinos.  He’d just hit a bigger jackpot than anything they had to offer.  Any man in America would give his left nut for a deliciously dirty wife.

“Careful or we won’t make it out of the room, and that would be a damn shame considering what I have planned.”

“You have plans?”  Lilah appeared pleasantly surprised.

“I do.  You’ll either love me or cuss me when it’s all over.” 

“Likely both,” she drawled and sashayed toward him with an exaggerated swing to her hips.  Tony knew she was doing it to give extra motion to the balls, but damn if it didn’t do something for him, too, and a soft growl slipped out. 

 “Let’s get outta here before I change my mind.”


“Damn you,” she swore when the ride came to a stop, making Tony chuckle with glee.

She’d originally thought him sweet when he took her to the Nine Fine Irishman’s pub for dinner.  Little did she realize that its location inside the New York-New York casino was the primary draw for Tony.

They’d never gotten around to riding the roller coaster the night before, and he had deviously plotted to remedy that oversight.  His wicked hope had been that, in Lilah’s current situation, the up, down and around would provide her with much more than the traditional roller coaster excitement.

He pushed his nose through the curtain of her hair to devilishly inquire, “Did you come?”

“No,” she spat with a half-hearted glare.  “But I bet the back of my dress is drenched.”

That in itself was enough to make him hard.

Lilah jabbed her thumb into his thigh and quietly warned, “You have exactly two minutes once we get out of here.”

“For what?”  Damn he loved seeing her all lit up with arousal.  She was about two miles beyond squirmy as they waited for the seat harnesses to release.

“To pull these things out and screw me silly.  I’m so far gone, I don’t even care if you have birth control,” she hissed.

Best date ever.  Hands down.

“Lucky I’m packing, then.”  Considering tonight’s toy play, and how much his swimmers loved her eggs, Tony had actually tucked two in his wallet, just in case.  It was definitely time to reconsider the vasectomy, though.

The restraints popped open, and Tony hugged close to Lilah’s back in case her prophecy about a wet dress came true, but he couldn’t see anything.  Taking her hand, he followed along like salmon with the rest of the riders, allowing most everyone to pass them until they were in back of the crowd.  They were practically alone when Tony saw a door next to the stairs they were about to descend.

His overstimulated wife started her countdown, “Ninety seconds.”

“I’m workin’ on it,” he assured with a tug the door’s handle.  When it opened easily at his touch, Tony gave her an arrogant wink.  “I fuckin’ love Fate.  Have I ever mentioned that?”

She wiggled where she stood, squeezing her thighs together while he ducked his head inside to check out their prospective love nest. 

“Janitor’s closet,” he murmured, pulling her in behind him.  It wasn’t very big, but Tony saw that someone had been kind enough to leave a desk chair behind.  While banging against the wall was the traditional frenzied fuck position, but he was old enough to be grateful for the touch of comfort.  Bouncing on her his lap was going to be a lot easier on his back.

“Jersey.”  With the door locked behind them, Lilah tried to crawl inside his skin.  She tore at the buttons on his shirt, tugged at his belt and pushed at his pants.  “Hurry.”

His dick went rock hard in appreciation of her enthusiasm.  Jeans around his knees, Tony held her hips still while he sat his bare butt on the chair.  “Spread your legs and hold still,” he ordered, shoving both hands up her skirt.  He peeled saturated panties down to her ankles and groped her slickness for the cord. 

“Jesus Christ, you’re wet.”  He’d never felt the wetness weep down the insides of her thighs before.  It took only the barest of tugs on the little strand of nylon before the duo-tones slid out to the overture of Lilah’s arousal.

“I told you,” she whimpered, hitching the fabric up around her waist as the balls hit the floor.  “Rubber.”

Tony scrambled around, using one hand to search for his wallet, while his other went for a swim in Lilah Falls.  The slick cream was so abundant, he would’ve swore she’d already had her orgasm and it drew him like a magnet.  He dipped low, his tongue indulging in a hearty draw of the bounty. 

“Oh fuck,” she breathed.  “Don’t, or my knees will buckle.”

It would be a notch in his male pride belt, but he cinched his wandering arm around her so she’d stay upright.  His wallet was flipped open with the other hand. 

“Give it.”  She snapped one of the packets out and ripped it open, offering him the contents and telling him to get a move on.

“Okay, baby.  Sit,” he instructed once the latex had been rolled into place. 

Lilah didn’t spare a breath before she was spearing her sheath with his hardness.  “Oh my GOD yesss.” 

His sentiments exactly. 

She dropped her face into the crook his neck, mouth roving over all the skin there.  Her hands dug through his chest hair while her pelvis ground against him. 

“I’m drivin’,” he rumbled assertively, and curved inflexible fingers around her hips.  “You play with your clit.”

“Do it hard,” she breathed, leaving one palm open on his chest while the fingers of her other hand disappeared between her slick lips.  “Oh good gracious.”

He brought her viciously down on him and the sound of flesh slapping together filled the air.  “Like that?”  He forced her up and slammed back to meet her descent.  “Huh?  That what you want?”


He took that as a yes, and plowed into her again while her fingers danced over the sensitive spot that had to be throbbing.  Again and again he rammed into her with no trace of mercy or tenderness.  Her wetness sucked at him, her flesh slapped him and her teeth sunk into his neck. 

“C’mon, baby,” he panted.  Sweat trickled down his forehead and into his eye, but it didn’t slow the relentless pace.  “Gimme what ya got.”

“Don’t.  Stop.  Goddonteverstop.” 

Her hot breath over his skin was ramping his testosterone up to dangerous levels.  Tony banged, fucked, slammed, drove and drilled her as deep as he ever had.  Over… and over… and over until…

A strangled gasp found his ears just as her muscles seized around his dick with the strength of the Incredible Hulk. 


Tony pushed through her contracting heat only another handful of times before his own orgasm blew up from the soles of his feet, the explosion all but blinding him.  He hadn’t seen so many stars since hitting his head on a piece of scaffolding years ago, and that hadn’t felt nearly as good.

“Jesus, baby…”  His arms wrapped around her, and Lilah willingly collapsed against his chest.  Pressing a lingering kiss to her temple, Tony tried to catch his breath.  “That was… insane.”

“Mmmmm,” she purred into his shoulder.  “I don’t think I’m gonna be able to move.  Ever.”

His legs were none too stable at the moment either, so he wasn’t going to rush her.  He just stroked a hand up and down her back and enjoyed the slight buzz still singing through his nerve endings. 

“I already cussed you,” she murmured softly.  “Guess now I should tell you I love you.”

“Only if ya mean it,” he hummed with amusement, not caring whether she said it or not.  She wasn't shutting him out, and they were working through their problems.  Both spoke more of her love for him than any three words ever could.  

“Mmk.  Consider it done.”  After a lazy stretch that had her clamping down around his deflating dick again, Lilah pushed herself up to look at him.  “When I come see you on tour…”


She inclined her head toward the purple balls lying on the floor.  “Those things are comin’ with me.”

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  1. Oh, my, these two are getting very adventurous, aren't they? Your reference to Lilah Falls made me laugh out loud. Good work!